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Women’s Walk of Faith Ministries, Inc. provides the following faith events:

  • Bible Studies:  Bible study series on several faith related topics.
  • Charity Events:  Our ministry is available to participate in or help organize charity events.
  • Conferences:  A full service ladies’ one-day or two day conference/retreat at your place of Worship.  Cost of conference includes lunch, supplies, and a nominal ministry donation and is personalized for each event according to the needs and practices of the Church.
  • Devotionals:  Daily Devotions featuring a Scripture of the Day to email subscribers.
  • Ministry Contributions:  Ministry proceeds and donations will be used to sustain the ministry and provide support to women and children in distress, and other non-profit organizations who support our vision. 
  • Prayer Groups:  Ministry Director and volunteers are available to pray for those in need.
  • Speakers:  Speakers are available for Church conferences, retreats or for community outreach programs.

If you are interested in one of our faithful services, please email us at wwofministries@aol.com or

Women's Walk of Faith Ministries, Inc. invite you to become a Conference Facilitator to bring one of our faithful conferences to your place of Worship.  Please complete our Ministry Volunteer Information Form.

Thank you for your faithful interest in Women's Walk of Faith Ministries, Inc.

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To receive our ministry newsletter, "Her Faithful Journey," email us at WWOF_Ministries@womenswalkoffaithministries.org or wwofministries@aol.com.

To receive our daily devotions, email us at WWOF_Daily_Devotions@womenswalkoffaithministries.org or wwofministries@aol.com.

To join our prayer email group or submit a special prayer request, email us at WWOF_Prayers@womenswalkoffaithministries.org or wwofministries@aol.com.



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